American owned beverage and bottling companyis an American owned beverage company serving private label Premium beverages for all US retail markets and communities. The Company serves hyper growth returns for its shareholders and large profits for its customers, besides our great tasting affordable beverages. Through the Jobs Act Legislation in 2017 local Government representatives incentivized the sale of private securities as a way for businesses to raise operating capital because our global controlled banks and economic development committees no longer serve local business owners which has destroyed many of our local economies. These “Jobs Act” incentives are now being utilized to accelerate job growth and bring back Americas communities taken by foreign imports and global controlled sectors of our US economy, like Banking, Beverage and Labor. When you invest in an American owned beverage and bottling company like Kansas City Breweries you help your communities thrive. 

The sale of America’s largest macro brewers Anheuser-Busch and later Miller Coors came at a heavy price to American consumers. The desire of the foreign owner to extract higher profits from its American acquisitions led to Miller Coors in 2015 notifying Pabst Brands that it no longer had the capacity to produce the remaining independent macro lager style beers our fathers’ and grandfathers’ preferred, even though Miller Coors sales had actually declined over the years. When that didn’t work to cut off America’s preferred iconic brands, in 2016 the foreign owned Anheuser-Busch and Miller Coors brewers Turned to Felony Anti-Trust restraint of trade practices and even enlisted America’s labor unions to participate unknowingly in further hurting US consumer beer markets with higher prices and fewer choices. But, independent American owned beer brewers have now proven that over the last 20 years that they can grow despite foreign owned macro brewers utilizing seemingly unlimited television marketing budgets and felony anti-trust dominated distribution.