This Blog is central to the communication and development of a word class North America brewery and beverage complex. In 2017 “The Jobs Act Legislation” established crowdfunding as a way for start-ups and early stage companies to raise seed capital. The Company successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign in 2018 which is how we raised seed capital selling securities or shares to over 120 investors. In addition to crowdfunding, Opportunity Zones (OZ) were also created as part of the 2017 Jobs Act Legislation. It is designed to help revitalize selected geographical locations throughout the US and its territories. Businesses located in these selected geographic areas are called Qualified Opportunity Zone Projects. This Blog will help explain why Kansas City Breweries & Beverage Company is an Opportunity Zone Project. Before an Opportunity Zone Project can receive capital (similar to crowdfunding regulations) through a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, a fund must be created to administrate the tax free capital gains investments made by investors. “Capital Gains” is the key word for Opportunity Zone investors. When capital gains are invested into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, the investment, the returns and project appreciation are tax free for 10 years or discounted over 5-7 years.Throughout this social Blog the Company will post and explain why this Qualified Opportunity Zone Project is a great investment for investors to make. From domestic American Beers to organic sodas, ciders, juices, water and sports drinks the company develops valuable trademarks and private labels. These trademarks and private labels serve local, regional and national markets for retailers, institutions, hospitality, and sports related venues.The Company beverages are produced under exclusive licensing agreements with co-packers that support economies of scale and rapid revenue growth. Currently, the Company produces “AN AMERICAN BEER” for the “Loud & Proud®“ sports fan in all of us and plans to bring non-alcohol beverages on-line for customers who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.