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KCBreweriesCo is a brewery and beverage company serving bottling and package services for retailers, hospitality events and sports related venues. Through the production of alcoholic beverages the Company is under trademark agreements for the annual production of domestic 4.2% Lite Beer, 5% Lager Beer and 6.2% Malt Beer. These beverages are high growth value brands for retailers, hospitality events and sports related venues that wish to generate sizable returns and promote trademark or private label branding.

KCLite and KCLager are packaged in 6,12, & 24 pack 12oz cans, 6, 12 & 24 pack 12oz bottles, and 1⁄2 bbl 15.5-gallon kegs and licensed for distribution in Kansas, Iowa & Missouri.

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Premium Old Fashioned Lager Recipe

Water is the most important ingrediance in beer. The geography of the water effects certain styles of beer. For example, England  is better for making stouts while the water in Australia is better for pale ales. Here in America good old fashioned lager is the brew of choice.

Hops is the agent used for flavoring all beer but the amount of hops varies depending on the style of beer. Hops are dried and pelletted to use as the flavoring agent and the beginning of the process but can also be added later for more aroma and color.

Barley is the grain that is malted as a source of starches and sugars that when combined with yeast create alcohol. To extract the sugars, the grain is soaked in water, allowed to germinate and then dried in a kiln.

Yeast is responsible for fermentating the sugars and creating alcohol. It also influences the color and flavor of the beer and effects the alcohol content. Often yeast is filtered out of beer after fermenting but sometimes left in to add cloudiness.

Kansas City Market Lager Beers

In addition to KCBrand beers, production is being prepared for the Seattle market with the company’s newest trademark partner Nils Nilsen and 12 Brands LLC in coordination with former Seattle Seahawks NFL players and the nationally registered trademark LOUD & PROUD® which will be combined with KCLite™, KCLager™, KCMalt™, SeaLite™, SeaLager™, SeaMalt in addition to any trademark or private label requested Lite™, Lagerand Maltbeers.

Seattle Market Lager Beers

KCBreweriesCo would like to thank the following supporters, communities and sports fans of Kansas City Football, Kansas City Baseball, Kansas City Soccer and Nascar WoO for successful introduction of our premium domestic KCBrands. The following retailers will be some of the first to have our newest production labels. Contact to be added to the list of KCBrand retailers.

Asbury, Mo

171 Smoke Shop 102549 South State Line Road – Asbury, Mo 64832

Blue Springs, Mo

Clancey’s Blue Springs 800 NW Outer Road Blue Springs, MO – P:816-229-2233

HyVee Blue Springs 625 W. U.S. Highway 40 Blue Springs, MO – P:816-224-4288

Branson, Mo

Macadoodles 483 Branson Landing Boulevard – Branson, Mo 65616 P:417-544-9865

Butler, Mo

The Filling Station 1206 Fort Scott Street – Butler, Mo

Columbia, Mo

Macadoodles 455 East Green Meadows Road – Columbia, Mo 65201 P:573-443-1825

Independence, Mo

Fairmont Liquor 10609 US-24 Hwy. – Indep., Mo 64054 P:816-461-1880

Happy Hour Liquor 19341 East US-40 Hwy. – Indep., Mo 64055 P:816-795-5335

HyVee Independence 1525 East 23rd Street – Indep., Mo 64055 P:816-836-1177

HyVee Independence 4545 South Noland Rd – Indep., MO – P:816-478-6557

KC Liquor 9811 East US40 Hwy. – Indep., Mo 64055 P:816-353-1160

Kitty Kat Klub 11713 East 23rd Street – Indep., Mo 64050 P:816-237-0956

Stan’s Liquor11305 East US-40 Hwy.- Indep., Mo 64055 P:816-356-1686

Joplin, Mo

Macadoodles 3105 East 17th Street – Joplin, Mo 64804 P:417-626-7766

Blackthorn 510 South Joplin – Joplin, Mo 64801 417-623-2485

Discount Smoke & Liquor 1817 South Main – Joplin, Mo

Fast Trip 5501 East 32nd Street – Joplin, Mo 64804

Food Mart 3308 East 32nd Street – Joplin, Mo 64804

Sidelines 1802 North Main Street – Joplin, Mo

State Line Convenience 1117 State Line Road – Joplin, Mo

State Line Pit Stop 1738 West Highway 160 – Joplin, Mo

The Pub 904 Main Street – Joplin, Mo

Junction, Mo

Briarbrook Golf Course 502 Briarbrook Drive – Junction, Mo 64834 P:417-649-6777

Kansas City, Mo

Barnyard Liquor 9510 Blue Ridge Blvd. – Kansas City, Mo 64134 P:816-765-6100

Gomers Midtown 3838 Broadway Blvd. – Kansas City, Mo 64111 P:816-931-4170

Jordan’s Liquors 8601 East Truman Road – Kansas City, Mo 64126 P:816-833-4103

Kern’s Liquor store 9013 East US-40 Hwy. – Kansas City, Mo 64101 P:816-923-0081

Lukas Liquor Superstore 13657 Washington Street – Kansas City, Mo 64145 P:816-942-8523

Mike’s Wine & Spirits 8447 Wornall Road Waldo, MO 64114 – Kansas City, Mo 64114 P:816-363-3984

Power 66 1509 West 12th Street – Kansas City, Mo 64101 P:816-923-0081

Royal Liquor 1301 West 103rd Street – Kansas City, Mo 64114 P:816-942-8888

Royal Liquor 801 Southwest Blvd. – Kansas City, Mo 64108 P:816-474-0889

Shady Lady 2800 East 12th Street – Kansas City, Mo 64127 P:816-231-9696

Lake Ozark, Mo

Shady Gator 7MM 132 Sweet William Road – Lake Ozark, Mo 65049 P:573-365-6464

Lee’s Summit, Mo

HyVee Lee’s Summit 301 NE Rice Road – Lee’s Summit, Mo 64086 P:816-524-5760

HyVee Lee’s Summit 301 NE Rice Road – Lee’s Summit, Mo 64086 P:816-524-5760

Nevada, Mo

Mr. D’s Smoke Shop 14220 East 54-Hwy – Nevada, Mo 64772 P:417-667-8636

Tobaco Shack 2505 East Austin Boulevard – Nevada, Mo

Oronogo, Mo

Keltoi Winery 17705 County Road 260 – Oronogo, Mo 64855 P:417-642-6190

Parkville, Mo

Gomers Northland 6298 Missouri 9 Hwy. – Parkville, Mo 64152 P:816-746-0400

Red X 2401 NW Platte Road – Riverside, Mo 64150 P:816-741-3377

Pineville, Mo

Macadoodles 53 Macadoodle Lane – Pineville, Mo 64856 P:417-226-4686

Republic, Mo

Macadoodles 1439 US-60 Hwy. East – Republic, Mo 65738 P:417-732-4453

St. Louis, Mo

Shop N Save 10461 Manchester Road – St. Louis, Mo 63122 P: 800-428-6974

Arnold, Ferguson, Florissant, St. Louis, Crestwood, Dardenne Prairie, Ellisville, Fenton, Festus, St. Charles, High Ridge, Kirkwood, Maplewood, O’Fallon, St. Ann, Moline Acres, St. John, St. Peters, Twin Oaks, Union

Springfield, Mo

Macadoodles 1455 East Independence – Springfield, Mo 65807 P:417-883-9000

Web City, Mo

Unique Liquor & Wine 2609 North Range Line Road – Webb City, Mo 64870 P:417-626-8188


Kansas City Breweries Company, once the largest industrial employer in Kansas City before prohibition, was revived in 2012 launching two trademarked macro beers, a 4.2% by vol. KCLite and a 5% by vol. KCLager. In 2016 these two trademarks KCLite and KCLager were contract produced in 12oz. cans and bottles (similar to many iconic legacy brands) for the 2016 beer season. These trademarks outsold Budweiser, Miller & Coors in several local and regional locations and we found the same affinity for locally owned craft beers also apply to local owned macro beers. Kansas City Breweries sold $250,000 in 12 month and is now preparing for continued development and expansion.

Kansas City Breweries is expanding on its local and regional KCBrands success by offering nationwide trademark and private-label production services for retail, hospitality and sports related venues. Through the adoption of branded trademark, and private label production the company is under its second trademark production agreement for the annual production of over 250,000 cases ($2.5M) of domestic 4.2% by vol. SeaLite, 5% by vol. SeaLager™ and 6.2% by vol. SeaMalt Beer. Through the success of KCBrands, attracted Seattle

Washington based 12Brands LLC which sought trademark placement for its nationally registered LOUD & PROUD® trademark. It is well known among NFL fans that the Kansas City Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks compete for loudest NFL stadium and that the Kansas City Chiefs hold the record for loudest NFL fans.

What gives Kansas City Breweries a competitive advantage over all existing Craft and Macro breweries nationwide? Kansas City Breweries is sitting on the #1 center for railroad freight tonnage and has immediate access to the Intermodal Rail ports serving North America Markets through both the East Coast and Western rail systems. In addition, Kansas City Breweries has 48-hour tractor-trailer delivery anywhere in the US. Besides lower operating costs, Kansas City Breweries can operate under tax abatements and with federally funded economic development initiatives including payroll incentives for the 5-10 years.

Kansas City Breweries needs capital for the annual production of 4.2% Lite, 5% Lager and 6.2% Malt beers and later to capitalize its beverage complex development. The plan is to continue bottling and package services for branded trademarks, and private label customers. We make it easy to serve your very own branded beers and generate sizable revenues.

Kansas City Breweries Company LLC